Jollof Rice & Chicken Packs


Nigerian Authentic Ready Meals, Products and Services.  

Our offering of ready-made products aimed at meeting an easy and convenient way of having a quality and junk free option of "fast food" has had great responds from shop owners, party planners, events, churches, busy professionals and the public. This products makes great lunches. The packs are handy, fits nicely in bags and machine sealed preventing leakages. Pop in microwave and ready in 3 minutes.

Our Jollof, Fried or Steamed fluffy rice are authentic and traditionally a favourite choice for Nigerian weddings, parties and events.
We have come up with a handy version, packed and machine sealed in microwaveable containers ready for shops, road trips, parties and busy bees on the go.

We supply to shops, parties, churches, homes, clubs and everywhere.

Last modification: Sat 4 Jul 2015